Questions about booking a tour!

 How do I book a tour?
Most people choose to click on the ‘book a tour’ link on any page of our website to easily make the booking process online.  Alternatively you can email us at to enquire about tour availability, or you can call the Love London Running Tours team on +44 (0)7941 856556.

Can I book a private tour?
Yes!  All of our tours can be booked as private tours, and we also offer a Love London Bespoke Run.  Our Bespoke tour not only guarantees you or your group a private tour but will include hotel or office pick up (within central London) and a customised route.  You can find out more about our Love London Bespoke Run here.

Is there a minimum age for runners?
Yes, we tend to only allow runners aged 18 years or above to book our running and fitness walking tours.  If accompanied by a guardian then we may allow younger participants to take part in a tour but this must be agreed in advance with us.  If you’d like to make a booking enquiry including minors under 18 years of age please contact us.

Why do you mainly have morning and evening start times?
Our scheduled tour start times have been designed to optimise the running tour experience.  London gets very, very busy at certain times of day and so we plan our start times for when the streets are much quieter.  This allows you to run easier and really enjoy seeing the city with fewer people around.

Will you cancel a tour if I’m the only person booked?
No way!  We don’t have a minimum number of runners required for a tour to take place.  Once one person is booked onto a tour then it is scheduled to run!

What happens if I need to cancel or rearrange a tour?
We understand that sometimes you can’t make a tour.  Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a new booking or to cancel a tour.  Provided that at least 48 hours’ notice is given before the scheduled start time of a tour then, depending on your preference, we will either re-book you onto an alternative tour or refund you in full (minus any PayPal fees incurred by Love London Running Tours from the initial booking transaction).  We aren’t able to refund any participant cancellations where less than 48 hours’ notice is given before the scheduled start time of a tour.  We’re also unable to refund participants who do not show for a tour, and as our tours start promptly, we are unable to offer a refund to any participant who arrives late for a tour.

What happens if Love London Running Tours cancels a scheduled booking?
If you have booked a tour with us, and for some mitigating circumstance we need to cancel the tour then we will refund you in full.  To reassure you, we have not ever had to do this so far and we would only ever do this if no other option was available for you.

We’ve listed some popular Love London Running Tours questions and answers below.  Please do contact us though if you have any other questions as we’d be delighted to help answer them!

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Any other questions?
We’d love to hear from you with any other questions you have about our tours.  Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help – you might even find your question makes it onto this page in the future to help future participants!


+44 (0)7941 856556

Questions about our tours!

What is sightrunning?
Sightrunning describes combining running with traditional sightseeing!  Sightrunning is a great way to describe guided running tours as you get to see many famous sights, learn about the areas you are running through and get a fabulous workout!

What can I expect on a Love London Running Tour?
So much fun and a great run!  After everyone has arrived, our tours run at a relaxed, conversational pace for a short stretch between sights and points of interest.  Your guide will share lots of interesting facts and trivia, and will take photos of you at regular moments.  If there is anything you wish to stop and look at, or have a photo taken of, let your guide know and they’ll make sure you get all your London moments captured on camera!  Our standard running tours and fitness walking tours last approximately two hours from start to finish, and the express run takes about one hour.  Having completed the tour route, learnt loads about London and had a brilliant workout, the tour will end with stretches and a post-run snack bar.  Following the tour your guide will then email a link to access your digital photos.  Yay!

How big are the tour groups?
Our maximum group size is eight runners for the standard tours.  From experience, most of our tours have between 1-4 runners plus the tour guide.  Having a small maximum group size ensures we can make your tour experience personal and unique!  If you have a group over that size we can accept bigger group bookings for our Love London Fitness Run, Love London Scavenger Hunt Run and Love London Bespoke Runs.

What is fitness walking?
Fitness walking is similar to power walking and is a fantastic way to sightsee actively!  More purposeful than a stroll and intended to give you all the health benefits of working out, it is a great exercise!  When we founded Love London Running Tours we wanted our active sightseeing tours to be accessible to everyone including non-runners and those new to exercise.  As such we coined the fitness walking term and mapped out some fantastic routes of 5-7km for our fitness walkers!

What is the express run?
Our express run option is offered on all of our standard running tours.  Covering the same distance as our fitness walking route, typically 5-7km, it allows participants to enjoy our running tours for a shorter time from start to finish.  This option is fantastic for those who wish to do a Love London Running Tour but are short of time and therefore would like to complete a running tour within one hour.  It is also a great option for new runners as the total distance is achievable and we hope not as daunting as the longer tours may seem!  We have mapped out some brilliant routes for you which include lots of iconic sights so you won’t miss out! 

What’s a Love London Bespoke Run?
Our Love London Bespoke Run is a private running tour which includes hotel or office pick up (within central London) and a customised route.  We can map a bespoke route for you to include whatever sights you wish to see, or to your preferred distance.  We can also further tailor your unique running tour experience with extras such as refreshments throughout or even full day tours.

On the day questions!

What will I need to bring?
Please wear comfortable running clothes and trainers (always a good idea to check the weather that day – London can get very hot, very cold and often very wet!).  Please bring bottled water to stay hydrated.  Even though your guide will take photos you are welcome to bring your own camera too.  Your guide will have a small backpack for essential items such as small wallets, phones and travel cards.  Please note we don’t have anywhere secure at the start of the tour to store extras so please only bring what you can easily carry when running!

Will the Love London Running Tours guide be easy to find?
Yes!  Our start locations are detailed on each tour page including a map, nearest tube station and a description of the meeting point.  Your guide will be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start time.  They will be easy to spot as they will be wearing a Love London Running Tours vest top, a Love London Running Tours head buff and will be carrying a Love London Running Tours placard!  That plus the bright lycra leggings we love to wear actually make us hard to miss!

What happens if it’s gruesome weather?
Our tours will run as planned regardless of how wet, windy, chilly or hot the weather might be!  Only in really extreme weather will we make the decision to cancel a tour for safety or logistical reasons.  In such circumstances we will contact anyone booked onto the tour to confirm the cancellation and to rearrange a tour date.  That said, to date we haven’t so far needed to cancel any tours!

Will we be running non-stop?
Only if you requested to run without stops when booking!  Our standard tours have lots of stops for photos and sightseeing.  If you’d like to run at a more constant, uninterrupted pace, then we have our Love London Bespoke Run and private tour options available to you.

How long do the tours last?
Normally two hours for the standard 10km run, 12km run and 5km fitness walk routes.  The 5km express run is designed to take one hour, whilst the Love London Hampstead Run tends to be at least 2.5 hours to allow participants to explore the area.  Our Love London Bespoke Run can be tailored to any duration including full and half day tours.

How fast will we run?
Our standard running tours run at a relaxed, conversational pace.  We sometimes describe this as being able to run and talk at the same time, but not to be able to sing easily!  Typically our tour groups will run for a short stretch and then stop for regular sightseeing observations and photo opportunities.  If you’d like to run at a more constant, uninterrupted pace, then we have our Love London Bespoke Run and private tour options available to you.

How far will we run?
Most people who book our standard running tours choose a route of either 10km or 12km.  The 10km route covers all the main points of interest along the route and the 12km option allows you to fit in that bit extra sightseeing, exploring and step count!  We also offer all of our standard tours at a shorter 5-7km fitness walking tour or an express run.  The shorter route is a fantastic option for non-runners to enjoy active sightseeing and a low impact workout.  It is also a popular choice for those participants who are time short and would like to do a running tour but don’t have two hours spare for the full route.  We can also offer other distances for those booking our Love London Bespoke Runs using customised routes.